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A series of children's Eco-Friendly stories with Mermaid Alisha leading us on adventures in her world under the sea and on the land. All of the books inspire children and adults alike to care about the earth, oceans and wildlife. These are fun, educational and beautifully illustrated books that are teaching the important value of having respect for all creatures.


 A portion of book sales is donated to animal welfare organizations.

Mermaid Alisha Saves the Seal
Mermaid Alisha is part mermaid and part seal. This is because her
mom is a Selkie and her dad is a merman. Selkies are a type of shape-
shifter mermaid, and they can be a seal or take on a human form.
Because she is half Selkie, she has a passion for helping sick or
injured seals and sea lions.
ISBN-13: 978-1502353672
Mermaid Alisha and the Butterfly Garden
Mermaid Alisha and her friends help us learn to value and respect all of the wonderful creatures of the earth - on the land and in the sea. In this book,she rescues some butterflies by caring for them underwater!



ISBN-10: 153316696X 

ISBN-13: 9781533166968


Mermaid Alisha at Dog Beach


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